9th Year Anniversary Celebration

9th Year Anniversary 4i Apps – Anniversary celebration forms an integral part of our company, a day to celebrate and remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead! It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when employees present not only their wonderful performances but also

4i accelerated the Customer engagement to one of the Real estate giant in Middle East by implementing Oracle Marketing Cloud & Social Relationship Management

Marketing is transmuted into a new form in the ever expanding digital age after the immense use of social media channels among the customers irrespective of the industry. Companies across the globe become customer centric and forced to demand a Unified Social media platform and Best-in-Breed Email campaign management tool

Oracle PSRM implemented by 4i helps county to process 900+ transactions worth 10million KSH revenue every month  

In the Public sector, Revenue department always plays the vital role in the ever-changing tax and revenue system to derive revenue generation and administration transparency. Our Client who is one of the leading county in the African region was also a victim of typical Public Sector Revenue Management problems like