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Automate the Invoice clearing process using 4i Invoice Central Application in Oracle EBS

Invoice clearance is always a cumbersome task even for companies that have implemented tier 1 ERPs since this process requires manual verification and matching. Till today, many organizations share the scanned copy of invoices which is difficult to process. When the company size is bigger, the volume of invoices to be processed is very high. As a result, there is a heavy delay in processing that leaves suppliers frustrated.

This hindrance can be handled by automating the current manual clearing process using 4i Invoice Central Application as an Oracle EBS Extension.

4i Invoice Central Application is a direct plug-in to the company’s Public Portal which can be personalized at request.

What do we provide?

Self Service Login:  Vendors can login using the credentials provided by the company.

Vendor Invoice Submission: Vendor can create their invoice using this feature by providing the required details. As an add-on feature, the application is enabled with a PDF attachment option to upload the scanned copy of the invoice.

Reference Number Generation: After the submission of Invoice, Unique CIC reference number will be generated for future notifications regarding Invoice submission.

One-Click Correction Request: In case any document missing, or any further information required after the manual verification process the same Invoice will be returned to the vendor for correction and resubmission using the Correction request option with appropriate comments.

Email Notification: The vendors can enable the Email notification option to get the invoice related announcements/notifications including Correction requests.

Manual Verification: Fully Automated invoice clearing process is not ideal for any company. So, the approval option provided to clear the invoice after submission.

Case Study:

Utility Company in the  Middle East is operating with over 800+ vendors and handling a massive amount of Invoice Clearing process. So, they enabled 4i Invoice Central Application in their Oracle EBS system as an extension to automate their existing manual invoice clearing process. Now, they are handling over 6000+ invoices Yearly with 4i Invoice Central Application.

4i is an Oracle Modern OPN partner with the finest expertise in building new products and extensions to the existing Oracle ERP system.

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