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Agent & Mail Configuration for OBIEE

This blog takes you through the steps to configure agents to trigger a mail from Analytics Page with content of Analysis or Dashboard. This is a feature that many customer will like or generally ask for.

Configure Email Settings


Login to fusion Middleware Control Enterprise manager using Admin user credentials.

Step 2

Navigate to Mail tab

(Business intelligence > Core Application > Deployment > Mail)


4i OBIEE Agents Configuration SS1

Click Lock and Edit configuration to changes to be made.

Step 3

Complete the Element with the following information.

1.SMTP Server – SMTP Server of your email.

2.Port – Port of the SMTP Server.

3.Display Name of the Sender – Any Name.

4.Email Address of the Sender – Sender’s email Address.

5.User Name – Same as the senders email Address

6.Password – Password of Your email.

7.Confirm Password – Confirm the password as above.

8.Number of retries upon failure – any Number.

9.Maximum recipients.

10.Addressing Method To,Blind copy Recipient (Bcc) – If you want to receive a Bcc

Select it.

11.Click Apply then activate Changes.

  • Restart the Services.

 Creating An Agent to Send Mails


Login to OBIEE Analytics Page.

Step 2

Click new in the Global Header and then select Agent in the Actionable Intelligence.

Step 3

4i OBIEE Agents Configuration SS2

In the Schedule tab and then select once in the Frequency list box.

Step 4

4i OBIEE Agents Configuration SS3

In the Content tab select the content you want to deliver by clicking the browse button.

And choose the format you want from the list.

Step 5

4i OBIEE Agents Configuration SS4

In the Recipients tab, add emails whom do you want to receive a mail with delivery content.

Step 6

Save the Agent and Run it.

If it runs successfully recipients will get a mail with the delivery content in the Format you chosen.

Issues Faced :

[nQSError: 75027] Failed to open connection to SMTP Server

Solution :

Make sure that the server IP and host entries are configured correctly in both Mail server and BI server.

[nQSError: 75005] Failed to send AUTH command.

Solution :

If the user name and password are specified in the scheduler configuration, log in to

Enterprise Manager and navigate to: Weblogic Domain

Right click on bifoundation_domain > Security > Credentials


Remove the mail.server Key from the list .

Restart the services.

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