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BICS in general along with OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud)


The world of systems, applications, platforms, information & communication technology as we could see in the future will run on the cloud platform. Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many other vendors are already having massive data centers and building much more around the globe as I write this. Below diagram shows the different areas where Oracle is building the products on a cloud (Source: Oracle Website).

Oracle, as everyone aware of, is number one software vendor in the world and they know where the world and market goes, leading them to build a cloud platform in which they are bringing in all the lines/suites of their products to the cloud domain which was run on premise earlier such as Oracle ERP, Oracle Databases, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle BI, Oracle Essbase, CRM, Endeca to name a few.

The plan for Oracle is very simple: Cloud first strategy, which means they will move all the products from on premise to cloud offering, any new product that is going to be developed will also be cloud ready. By this motto, Oracle has already crossed a revenue of 2 Billion USD last year on cloud product sales alone. This is a benchmark achievement as many cloud companies that offer their services took 4 years to recognize this revenue. This clearly shows where Oracle is headed and they know how to remain in the game.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence services are completely provided on a cloud with the name as BICS (Business Intelligence on Cloud) which comprises of the same feature as on-premise BI. The product is getting matured day by day and it will have all the features available on premises soon as per Oracle’s road map for BI.

Every organization needs a reporting at a different level, such as operational reporting, tactical decision-making reporting, and strategical decision-making reporting. BICS has a complete set of features that gives all these kinds of reporting on a cloud with the intuitive and user-friendly environment. Available readily out of the box for Android and iOS devices without any extra setups and configuration.

BICS gives the ability to leveraging the analysis directly to the subject matter experts instead of IT team building a report and publishing for later use. The product has analysis, ADHOC reporting, alerts, visual analyzer and many more exciting features on the cloud. You, as a business or IT user, can access the system anywhere, anytime, from any data source from any device with 100% uptime guaranteed by Oracle.

You don’t have to have a team of your infrastructure experts arming up in maintaining the servers, operating systems, hardware’s, networking, upgrading, patching or backing up periodically. All these activities are carried out by Oracle, business needs to concentrate only on what they do best instead of maintaining the IT related activities.

The above diagram shows how the reporting can be done from the different source system, either it could be Oracle or Non-Oracle system along with the data mashup and data preparation in the data warehouse. You can take data from on premise or from public cloud or private cloud or from excel

Oracle BICS is a product that is enterprise ready and there is no product currently available in the market that could provide your business with full depth and breadth of enterprise reporting, best in class data warehousing and cloud technology.

Oracle doesn’t stop here in terms of BI suite of products. They have clubbed in different product category into a bundle that can suit an enterprise along with analytics and named it as “Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)”.  OAC is a completely collaborative and connected application suite on cloud that has the products such as BICS, DVCS, Day by Day Mobile Application, Oracle SmartView and Essbase

DVCS is a new breed of product that is giving a tough competition to Tableau and Qlik view which is a niche product for data visualization. Oracle know how bad an organization would want to perform self-service analytics with rich visualization, hence this new product came into existence. You can have an option of desktop version, cloud version along with BICS or a standalone cloud version of data visualization for rich data analytics

Since it is being offered on the cloud, the business can opt in for a metered version or a non-metered version. In case, if a company requires having their data on premise by law, Oracle is offering a cloud machine that can be deployed on the client premises and still get all the feature of cloud, a different ball game which no company has set their foot wet, yet.

4i Apps is very proud to be associated with Oracle as its key cloud partner helping the customers across the region to leverage their existing infrastructure and make the best use of the cloud. 4i Apps does the consulting, implementing and maintaining the complete Oracle cloud product suite. You can name a product in Oracle, 4i is there to support you and advise the best industry practice for the respective verticals.

The below report dashboard was a sample developed by 4i for client demo purpose with sample self-generated data

Author: Myself Maheshkumar Malaiappan BI Practice Manager in 4i Apps Solutions Pvt Ltd has extensive knowledge in Oracle cloud BI, OBUIEE, OBIA, Hyperion, Big Data and Data Visualization.I am having more than 12 years of experience handling clients around the globe including UAE, Oman, US, India, Qatar and Egypt and also PMP certified from PMI, USA and OCP certified from Oracle Corp, USA

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