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Migrating On-premise RPD into BICS Environment


The scope of this article is to describe the ways which help to integrate your on-premise business intelligence data model into the BICS environment

Type 1:

“Lift and Shift” On-Premise RPD to BI Cloud Service

Type 2:

Using Remote Data Connector (RDC) for BI Cloud Service (BICS)

“Lift and Shift” On-Premise RPD to BI Cloud Service

How it Works:


The on-premise data were migrated to the DBaaS Instance.

Step 2:

RPD file created using On-premise database should now repoint to DBaaS.

Step 3:

Now the updated RPD file can be uploaded into BI Cloud Service (BICS) instance


  • It reduces the development time for data modeling
  • Allows multiple subject areas to be created for reports developments in BICS

Points to keep in mind while considering this method

  • Database as a Service (DBaaS) instance is required to house the data.
  • The version of the BI Admin tool on premise used to create the RPD needs to be or later
  • The on-premise repository must pass the consistency check within the BI Admin tool

Using Remote Data Connector (RDC) for BI Cloud Service (BICS)

How it Works:


Install RDC Application – Download the RDC War file, this must be installed into Weblogic and save to a file location that is accessible to the server where Weblogic is running.


Configure the on-premise database with the Weblogic server.


Download the Public key from BICS and deploy into Weblogic server.


Integrate the RPD with Weblogic server.


Configure the RPD connection and publish it into BICS


  • Multiple connections and subject areas can be defined in the RPD, that is both On-Premise and DBaaS connections.
  • DBaaS Cost burden can be avoided by this approach.

Points to keep in mind while considering this method 

  • The on-premise data source must be an Oracle DB.
  • BI Admin tool used to create the RPD must be 12c.
  • Weblogic server should be running in the On-Premise environment.
  • The On-Premise Weblogic server needs to be accessible externally, and the port defined in the RPD connection needs to correctly route to the Weblogic server port.

 Author – Myself Guruprakash is an Oracle Business intelligence consultant.Expertise in various Oracle domains like Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Data Integrator and well versed with relational database also possess an exposure towards Oracle BI cloud services and Tableau.



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