Career Progression

More often than not we chance upon a job than choice upon one. It could be close to our academic pursuits, our interest or ambitions and sometimes way off the mark. Either which ways having accepted or landed in a job we will need to look to continue, build, grow and settle. This feature of continuing, building growing, settling in a job can be broadly defined as career progression.

Three important dimensions form part of career progression. One is the core skill which is ability in performing the respective job or task. The second being the soft skills encompassing communication, people skills, body language, and presentation. And a third more generic but key attribute will mean good Attitude.
One of the popular HR sayings is that ‘’Hire for Attitude and Train for skills’’. So a good attitude will always mean a direct weightage, recognition and ready acceptance by Superiors, Peers and Subordinates alike.

Practice makes perfection. The core skill development remains in proportion to the ability and interest to learn. In an extremely dynamic technology driven environment, learning and continuously in that is key to inching ahead from the base of the pyramid to its tapering heights. So always seek to be a part of a system that provides an environment to continuously learn and allows you to remain abreast and in pace with the advancements. Bottom line make learning your journey and never your destination.
Yet another and a third dimension to a successful career will mean the broad spectrum of soft skills. This will include oratorical skills, people skills, presentation to an audience, body language, dressing. The better these skills the faster and lasting impact you can leave or create among a diverse or wide spectrum of audience or groups. These skills help leave an aura about you and easily gains you acceptance and may be even a following.
So the threesome combo of good Attitude, learning, well-groomed personality will mean a perfect recipe to a successful career. Oh yes, these attributes assured compensation and benefits will become incidental!!! So never fret on that count.
The above mere inferences from learnings thru experience. Best Wishes people!!! !!!

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