Oracle Fusion

Industry: Public Sector Organization
8 April, 2022

The ten group companies are engaged in delivering safe, reliable, sustainable electricity and water services across the Sultanate of Oman. They are also involved in procurement, generation, transmission, supply, and distribution of electricity.

Centralized Modern Supplier Collaboration using Oracle Fusion Sourcing Cloud System for a Public Sector Organization in Oman consisting of 10 entities

The ten group companies were using Oracle EBS for managing their Procurement, Financials, and Human Resources. As a key player in the Energy Utility sector in Oman, tendering is one of their key business activities. Publishing tenders, collecting tender fee, Bid-Bonds, receiving proposals, analysing, awarding them, and collecting performance bond from the awarded vendors are the key tendering requirements.  

The client had disparate systems which was inconsistent and not integrated with the Oracle EBS application. The business users were spread across the country due to the pandemic and were facing various practical challenges.  

4i needed to ensure that the client had a standard Tendering process on the Oracle Cloud applications. The Energy Utility company went live on time with the Oracle Sourcing E-Tendering Cloud system, integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite application and payment gateway. The implemented modules are Oracle Sourcing and Oracle Supplier Portal 

Entities – 10
Users – 300+
Tenders/year – 1000+
Suppliers – 1800+   

Key Challenges: 

  • Each company was following different legacy systems, manual and excel processes.  
  • Gathering business requirements from 10 group companies. 
  • Streamlining the tender process across 10 companies.  
  • Tenders and their details must be published on external websites.  
  • Manual tender fee collection to be automated online.  
  • Dynamic tender fee calculation with VAT and special discounts.  
  • Send Letter of Award to select vendors and Letter of Regret to reject vendors. 
  • Single login for users across applications.  
  • Robust System Integration Test.  
  • Complete remote implementation due to Covid-19 restrictions. 


Key Highlights of Solution:  

  • Hybrid solution where EBS and Cloud modules co-exist.  
  • Publishing tenders to external websites.  
  • Tender fee collection through payment gateways.  
  • Tender availability only for paid suppliers.  
  • Online supplier responses. 
  • Tender evaluation and approvals through the spreadsheet.  
  • Letter of Regret for rejected suppliers with reason.  
  • Provision for capturing performance bonds and bid bonds. 


Business Benefits: 

As a result of the 4i consulting team’s expertise, skills, and commitment to building future proof and strong modern E-Tendering system, the client now has a robust Oracle Cloud application that seamlessly integrates with Oracle EBS System, payment gateway, and acts as the main source for tender analytics and reporting.  

  • End-to-End business process brought into application.  
  • Reduces manual activities in publishing tenders into websites.  
  • Provides easier options for vendors to buy tenders online. 
  • VAT compliant process for collecting tender fee.  
  • Improved data security and control. (Only genuinely paid suppliers will be having access to the tender and can respond).  
  • Online collaboration with suppliers and evaluation panel ensures all communications related to the tenders are recorded in the system for future references.  
  • Automatic scoring, knock out and ranking  
  • Public and two-stage tendering  
  • Online supplier bidding through the supplier portal  
  • Live negotiation monitor  
  • Tender payment through online gateway  
  • Automated bid receipts in EBS Financials  
  • Award Analysis in spreadsheet 
  • Approval and Awarding of the tenders 

After tireless efforts from both sides for around 6 months, Go-Live was successfully done on time and the project was delivered within budget.