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Don’t miss your organisation’s boarding pass to the Oracle Cloud!

Cloud computing is the fast growing cutting edge technology where it provides shared processing of resources as well as data to consumers and other devices on demand. All the leading companies in the downtown are considering the cloud implementation irrespective of their verticals and business models. From the conventional computing, the cloud is providing a competitive advantage in reliability, cost-saving, manageability and strategic edge.

For most of the leading software companies like Microsoft, the traditional revenue generating products are saturating. And the customer preference towards cloud is also increasing year over year. So, all the leading software companies are reprioritizing its focus towards the cloud. In the space of cloud, there are many players like Azure, AWS, Salesforce and more who are fiercely fighting for the cloud business market share. In this list, we can’t miss out the world’s largest software company Oracle Corporation. Oracle is never been sluggish in innovating and introducing new technologies to the market. As part of the Oracle cloud-based service, it is tightening the market grip with a lot of in-house development as well as the acquisition of cloud-based service providing companies.

As Oracle is well known for the strategic acquisition in its history, the recent acquisition of cloud-based contract and payment company Textura for $663 M and cloud-based service provider to utility company Opower for $532 M is signalling its Oracle cloud services integration and expansion to the technology watchdogs and customers.

At present, the Oracle cloud service is the widest and integrated service in the industry. Currently, Oracle is offering cloud service in the following types:
Software as a service (SaaS): Oracle cloud SaaS is offering the innovative cloud-based applications which covering a wide range of services across the enterprise. It is serving all the sections of enterprise from CRM to HCM.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): In the PaaS, Oracle cloud is offering best in the class solution with its leading oracle database and web logic server. It is one of the another most successful offerings from the Oracle corporation.
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Oracle designed its IaaS offering to relieve you from any kind of workload with its Oracle cloud. The PaaS‘s integrated environment for the cloud with flexible compute and storage will make the business process flawless. Apart from the above, Oracle cloud is also delivering Data as a service (DaaS). It helps you to endow the business with intelligent decisions by using the data in high flexibility and connectivity.
There are hundreds of reasons for choosing Oracle cloud over another cloud services out there in the market. But Oracle cloud’s personalization, connectivity, security, agility, high flexibility and round the clock support will not let you choose other than Oracle cloud for your organisations cloud implementation. Oracle is providing outstanding services to their customers through its Oracle partner network (OPN). The satisfaction factor of your organisation’s Oracle cloud implementation lies in the hands of your vendor. So, keep in mind about your Oracle vendor’s OPN level, specialization, technical expertise, industrial experience, accreditation and more before deploying them for your Oracle cloud implementation.

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