FastTrack your Development using Quick SQL

As Oracle Developers, many times when we try to build a Solution or Proof-of-Concept, we spend a lot of time in creating the database objects. Quick SQL is a wonderful tool to minimize the time and effort in creating the database objects, without compromising the coding standard. It’s like a shorthand tool to generate SQL.

Solution Architects can now spend less time in creating the data model with sample data, to show case their concepts, using this “free” tool.

Quick SQL enables us to rapidly design and prototype data models that expand to standards-based Oracle SQL. We can easily create Tables, Views, Master-Detail relationships, check constraints, and even generate SQL to insert sample data.

Like how we take notes during a discussion, we can keep typing with proper indent, code, and press Enter, to develop the SQL. Below is an example to create a master-detail-detail data model with a view and sample data:

    customers [All external Customers] /insert 10                 master table

   ‘Customers’ with 10 sample records

   name vc100 /nn                                                 vc – varchar2(100)    /nn – not


    country vc100 /nn

   ship to address /nn                                             varchar2(4000)

   bill to address /nn

   payment method vc100 /check credit card, cash, online transfer, not required  check constraint

   orders [All orders placed by external customers] /insert 100 detail table ‘Orders’ with 100 records

   date of sale                                                                   date data-type

   total num                                                                      calculates the sum of qty.

and price

    sales channel /check store, sales, trial_conversion

    sale type /check subscription purchase

    term type /check hourly monthly yearly perpetual

    term length int

    order line items /insert 500 — Sum quantity and unit price to compute order total   detail-detail table

    product vc50 /nn

    quantity num /nn                                                         num  – number data-


    unit price num /nn

    view cust_orders_v customers orders order_line_items  view for master-detail-detail

Output of the above code:


  • Tab (Indent) will assume that it is a new detail table
  • Enter key will refresh the SQL query generation

Using the Settings, we can customize many properties like object prefix, primary key generation, etc.

We can quickly learn the short-hand using Syntax and Examples:

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Quick SQL can be accessed at All you need is an / OTN account. You can also prototype for free by signing up a free workspace on and install the Quick SQL packaged application. Explore Live SQL at

Blog contributed by Richard Dalvi D(Product Manager)

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