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Get to know, how 4i Apps is gaining momentum across social media using Oracle Digital Marketing center-ZiftONE?

Oracle digital marketing center – ZiftONE is an extraordinary tool to execute the marketing campaigns of 4i Apps. This tool helps 4i Apps automate all the marketing activities like email campaigns, social media posts, banners, microsites, etc.

Running Mass campaigns, tracking them & analyzing the campaign’s performance was previously a tedious task. With Oracle’s digital marketing center, mass campaigns are easily automated with effortless tracking. Inbuilt Analytics provides accurate & statistical attributes of campaigns which assists while taking appropriate decisions.

The tool has prebuilt Landing Pages with inbuilt content, PDF, and links which can be redirected to the 4i Apps Website. Content is readily provided for Campaigns, Social Media Posts, Banners, resource papers, Webinars, Virtual Events, etc. This content is modified and shared through the social media of 4i Apps.

Let us take a look at the most used features by 4i Apps.


Email templates are quickly designed using the custom editor or inbuilt templates which can be customized as per needs. Once the mail campaign is activated, the mail will be sent as per the scheduled date & time to the list of contacts imported to the recipients.

Analytics gives the statistical numbers for the email Opens, email clicks, Web Views, Web clicks, Form Submissions & Leads. ZiftONE has an Edge over Analytics that Contributes to arriving at perfect conclusions and taking decisions accordingly.


Prebuilt Individual web pages with content, Images, Resources, Technical books & PDFs, available on the web pages are mapped to the 4i Apps Website.

Microsites are activated during the mail campaigns or events based on the various Oracle modules and sub-modules.

Social Media Post

Selective social media posts updated in the tool are shared to social media accounts of 4i Apps. This content promotes the upcoming Oracle webinars or gives insight into the Oracle products. The scheduling feature has an auto-schedule and Date & time Scheduling option Which helps to save time.


One among the uploaded campaigns that align with the expertise of 4i Apps is selected once in a while and executed. The campaign is well planned with a clear strategy of the right content & Target audience.

Each campaign consists of Mail templates, Landing pages, Social Media Posts, Banners, Web Plugins, Microsite, PDF, Presentations, Reference materials, etc.

On a Final Note, Oracle Digital Marketing Center helps automate marketing campaigns which helps to reduce the cost and time contributing towards the overall growth of businesses & Increase in ROI. Oracle Digital marketing solution is a one-stop solution to run, track and analyze all your campaigns on a single platform.

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