CLOUD IT UP with Oracle and 4i

Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat. 1 November, 2017

As more and more organizations leverage the cloud, they want scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness for any workload—Oracle and third-party—regardless of operating systems, databases, VMs, and languages. They want a simple, seamless way to spin up DevTest environments, scale production, and reduce process steps that don’t add value.

Oracle Cloud Platform delivers on the promise of simplicity in the cloud. With enterprise-grade performance, security, and uptime through every cloud layer, you can harness all the benefits of the cloud. Oracle’s tooling and infrastructure enable you to easily move applications, mid-tiers, and databases to the cloud to gain significant improvements in scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness. With Oracle, you also have full-featured real-time monitoring and analytics from infrastructure to databases including applications. All are managed identically—in the cloud or on premises—from a single, unified console.

In order to fully understand the cloud computing across an enterprise, we need to understand the different functionality benefits driving cloud’s popularity

To learn how Oracle’s new programs make it simpler and easier for organizations to buy and consume cloud services “4i” conducted a Sessions on Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), Mobile & Chatbot and IAAS, at ‘CLOUD IT UP’ event, in Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche.