Implementation of Oracle Unifier Cloud Solution for one of the busiest Airport in APAC region for effective cost Management

22 August, 2019


Client is one of the biggest and busiest Airport terminals in the world, which is a vital part of a country’s transport infrastructure on which its economy, trade and business depend with annual turnover of USD 614 million

Client planned to open new terminal in their existing airport where they have few challenges in managing the data. Currently, client was using Excel for collecting all the data related to projects from their respective contractor in order to develop reports and the same were uploaded into SAP. Hence Client require extensive cost management activity for managing funding allocation, developing estimates, approving budgets, managing commitments and payments and providing up to date and accurate cost reports to multiple stakeholders.

Solution Implemented:                                                                                                    

4i has implemented Cost Management System (CMS) to handle detailed, day to day cost information and contracts management for the project

  • Standard Configuration of Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud
  • Configuration of about 40+ business process related to budget and Contract management.
  • Creation of 10+ In-bound interface from SAP system using SOA technology where budget and contracts data from SAP system have got real time synchronization
  • Migration of 175+ contracts into the production instance which were earlier tracked by Client manually using Excel sheets
  • Development of 30+ reports for CXO level and Super Users level to visualize the data and to take necessary actions on-time


  • Performance Analysis
  • Effective cost management
  • Easy accessibility to the system
  • Real time sync, visualization, monitoring of cost/budget
  • Automation in reports generation