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The Oracle Database Cloud Service provides a unique combination of the simplicity and ease of use promised by Cloud computing and the power, productivity and robustness which are the hallmarks of Oracle technology.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service is built on Oracle Database technology, running on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the best performing database platform in the world.

The Database Cloud Service has three main components – RESTful Web service access  which allows access to the data in your Database Cloud Service through simple URIs, Oracle Application Express, for creating and deploying all varieties of applications in a browser based environment, and a set of business productivity applications that can be installed with just a few clicks.

There is another service as well which is DBaaS – Database as a Service which is important to Oracle DBA and Developers.

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is a paradigm where end users can request database services, consume it for the lifetime of the project, and then have automatically de-provisioned and returned to the resource pool.

Database as a Service provides:

  • A shared, consolidated platform to provision database services on.
  • A self-service model for provisioning those resources.
  • Elasticity to scale out and scale back database resources.
  • Chargeback based on database usage.

High-level overview of Database Cloud Creation

Once you have created the login then you need to create the Database and then administer it as well.

As a high-level step or say the lifecycle for Oracle Database on Cloud is below:

Oracle cloud database services everything in Virtual Image, a database created according to specifications you provide in the Create Service wizard, cloud tooling that provides automatic and on-demand backups, patching and upgrading, and point-in-time recovery for your Oracle Databases.

Oracle Cloud Storage

Oracle offers several storage tiers that allow you to lower your total storage costs by balancing access time needs to price points. A common interface makes storing data on the most cost effective tier simple.

Features of Oracle Cloud Services

Database version Dedicated database instances with Oracle Database 11g, 12.1 and 12.2, with your choice of Standard, Enterprise, High Performance.

 High Availability – Oracle Database Cloud Service with Real Application Clusters (RAC) provides system redundancy, scalability, and native high-availability.

Security – Database security needs with Auto TDE and encryption at rest.

Secure VPN access Setup VPN to the Virtual Cloud Network to access your databases securely from on-premise networks. 

Backup Options – Backup your databases to a highly durable, available and regional Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Object Storage or Block Volume Service.

Benefits of Oracle Database Cloud Service

  • You can get access to your Oracle Database Cloud Service through any browser on any platform.
  • The Oracle Database Cloud Service comes in several sizes, based on a simple storage and transfer metrics.
  • The Oracle Database Cloud Service has a single subscription cost, which includes all standard maintenance operations and Oracle Support.
  • The Database Cloud Service gives you the ability to quickly develop data based applications, and refine these applications into truly mission critical systems.
  • The Oracle Database technology used for the Database Cloud Service is the standard for scalability, robustness and enterprise strength.


The cloud represents one of the most significant shifts that computing has gone through. As we move towards the cloud, we will discover a new service-based world. The cloud has already helped companies to increase their competitiveness today and will play an important role in ensuring it tomorrow.


Myself Praveen Christopher works at 4i Apps Solutions as a Oracle Database Admin & Fusion Middleware Admin. As an admin I like to explore new concepts in on-premises as well as the fast growing cloud concepts.




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