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Oracle Mobile Approvals for E-Business Suite

Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite is a smartphone app (Android and iOS) that lets you respond on-the-go to your pending approval requests, anywhere and anytime. You can take quick action on approval requests for expenses, requisitions, purchase orders, recruitment vacancies and offers, and more.

Key Features:

  • Quickly filter approval requests by sender or subject
  • Review at a glance header and line item details, action history, and comments
  • Approve or reject with or without comments, or request more information
  • Enterprise distribution support
  • Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) support for conternization and single sign on
  • Enhanced authentication to delegate authentication to Oracle Access Manager(OAM)

Customizing app for Enterprise deployments:

Oracle Mobile Approvals app can be quickly customized to suite your branding and custom workflow needs. Mobile Application Archives (MAA) provides the archived source for the approvals app. Developers can use Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to generate an enterprise version of the app from the archived source with enhanced security and enterprise distribution support.

Corporate branding:
Following artefacts for corporate branding can be done:
• App Logo
• App Name
• Splash Screen
• End User License Agreement (EULA)
• Company Logo
• Copyright Information

Oracle Mobile ebs

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Customizing Approval Notification :
The content for approval notifications can be configured based on what information is most important to help approvers make a decision.
Following customization can be performed on approval notifications:
1. Configure list of approval notifications and its contents to be displayed on mobile app. Approval notifications from custom workflow can also be included.
2. Define Approval types and group approval notifications that belong to a business flow in an Oracle E-Business Suite application to a type. For example, seeded approval types include Expenses, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, and so on.
3. Configure approval notification header with selected attributes.
4. Customize notification body details.
5. Custom action history.

Accessing Mobile App:
To allow users to access Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps from outside of your organization’s firewall, your Oracle E-Business Suite environment must be set up in a DMZ configuration. Alternately, users may access the Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps through an intranet connection such as a virtual private network (VPN).

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Deploying Oracle Mobile Approval app:
Customized Oracle Mobile Approval app can be deployed by one of the following ways:
For deploying in MDM(Mobile Device Management) server:

Third party MDM solutions can be used to distribute your customized Oracle Mobile Approval app.

MDM offers the following benefits:
Cloud-based, so updates are automatic and painless.
Remote configuration and monitoring.
Passwords, blacklists and other security policies enforcement.
Logging/reporting for compliance purposes.
Remote disconnection or disabling of unauthorized devices and applications.
Scalable, new users and increasingly sophisticated devices can be accommodated.
reduce support costs and business risks.
For deploying in Private servers:

Alternatively, you can distribute your app to users by hosting the installable file in your private server.

For Deploying in Play stores:

You can also distribute your customized app by uploading it to Apple and Google play stores

Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite is compatible with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 and 12.2.3 and above. To use this app, you must be a user of Oracle E-Business Suite, with mobile services configured on the server side by your administrator.
To implement the Approvals Data Services Framework in your Oracle E-Business Suite installation, apply the current ATG_PF Consolidated Patch for Mobile Applications Foundation as shown in Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release Notes, My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1642431.1.

Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition with Oracle MAF 2.0 extension.

Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps:
Oracle provides a family of mobile apps for E-Business suite. These purpose built apps can be customized using Oracle Mobile Application Framework(MAF). Oracle mobile apps available for customization are:
• Oracle Mobile Timecards
• Oracle Mobile Learning
• Oracle Mobile Person Directory
• Oracle Mobile iProcurement
• Oracle Mobile Procurement
• Oracle Mobile Project Manager
• Oracle Mobile Discrete Production Supervisor
• Oracle Mobile Inventory
• Oracle Mobile Maintenance
• Oracle Mobile Process Production Supervisor
• Oracle Mobile Product Information
• Oracle Mobile Project Manufacturing
• Oracle Mobile Sales Orders

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