Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management is a secure, tax-specific, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that enables tax and revenue administrations to optimize all aspects of the revenue collection process to quickly respond to tax law and regulatory changes. PSRM provides solution to all the core processes related to tax like Registration, Returns Processing, Payments, Refunds, Collections, Taxpayer Relationship Management etc. PSRM gives a complete 360 degree view of a taxpayers information, making it easier to resolve taxpayers queries, audits and the unique ability to analyze profiles that are deemed as risk profiles. This helps in providing real time solutions to taxpayers before the risk leads to huge financial losses and penalties.

The PSRM is tailor made for the tax ,revenue sector and Government Organizations like Counties, Pension Fund administration, Tax Department to gather consolidated information from different sources and improve tracking, compliance and customer service in order to quickly implement solutions across the organization.

At 4i, we provide the public sector enterprises with multiple levels of support to integrate Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM) into their organizations daily functions.

Around 80 percent of government efforts to transform performance don’t fully meet their objectives—a key finding of a survey of nearly 3,000 public officials across 18 countries by the McKinsey Center.


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A County in western province

A County in western province of Kenya went successful generating more revenue with Oracle Solutions to manage a population of 1.6 Million

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