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Oracle soars to conquer the Cloud kingdom using Oracle SOAR

Oracle, the world’s second largest vendor of cloud applications recently announced new SaaS services called Oracle Soar that generates greater value for business to customers even to those who run on multi-cloud environments. This Oracle Soar closes the gap between what Oracle offers and what customers willing to consume thereby providing automatic upgrades once customers move to cloud.

Oracle founder and chairman Larry Ellison said the new services, called Oracle Soar helps customers generating greater business value by the following ways

·         Speeding up the migration from on-premises to cloud by 30%;

·         Reduce the need for complex on-off customizations;

·         Accelerating the adoption of Machine Learning with built in features;

·         Offering chatbots and voice command user interface;

·         Integrate Oracle applications with other Oracle apps or even with SAP or Salesforce.

Ellison rolled out how Integration Accelerator component of migration solution helps customers

“Integration Accelerator takes advantage of this huge library of integrations we’ve pre-built and put into a box that you can just pull out, so you can do an integration between Fusion ERP and’s Sales or Service application; between Fusion ERP and SAP’s ERP application; or between Fusion ERP and a J.D. Edwards manufacturing application,” Ellison said.
He also added that there are more than 100 of pre-built integrations in the library that helps ready-made interconnections to apps from its competitors.

Source: Forbes

Author: Naveen Raaj -Presales Trainee

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