Oracle EBS

Industry: Oil & Gas Industry
16 February, 2022

Africa’s largest indigenous energy solutions provider operating in the upstream sectors successfully implemented Oracle Fusion Application and migrated their existing Oracle EBS Database & applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Africa’s Largest Energy Solution Provider Successfully Migrated their Existing EBS Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



The client is a leading multinational energy company operating in the Upstream sectors with a total enterprise value of $125.07 Crore & a market capitalization value of $27.68 Crore. The production output of the client per day of oil equivalent is 43,000 barrels (6,800 cubic meters) per day.

Client requirement

The client had Oracle EBS implemented in their company premises and had an EBS Database center set up. The client needed the EBS Database to be migrated to the cloud to reduce the storage and maintenance costs.

Solution Provided

The Client approached 4i Apps with this requirement, 4i Apps being an expert in Oracle implementations and migrations, analyzed the client’s existing EBS database system, and suggested they move their Oracle EBS Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Within a short span of time, the client’s EBS database from the premise servers was moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which satisfied their requirement.

Now the client was able to access the historical data for any audit purpose. The management cost for maintaining the legacy data was significantly reduced.