Oracle PSRM

Industry: Public Sector
30 April, 2019

A County in western province of Kenya went successful generating more revenue with Oracle Solutions to manage a population of 1.6 Million


A Public Sector with multiple sub counties in republic of Kenya, which is in the western region covering an area of 3,033.8 km2 was looking for an able partner to help them manage their revenue with Oracle PSRM

Services Provided

4i Apps implemented Oracle PSRM covering Registration, Payments, Accounting, Billing and Collections for the Client to manage their revenue types effectively. Solutions are provided to eliminate revenue leakages improving revenue collection, maintain a centralized revenue management application to capture and track information about taxpayers in sub counties. Solutions are also provided to maximize tax compliance, improve taxpayer service and enhance collection capabilities.

Modules Implemented

  • Oracle PSRM Foundation
  • Oracle PSRM Registration
  • Oracle PSRM Payments
  • Oracle PSRM Accounting
  • Oracle PSRM Forms
  • Oracle PSRM Collections
  • Oracle PSRM Billing
  • Oracle PSRM Self service