Industry: Real Estate
10 August, 2023

Another major win of implementing Salesforce CRM to a real estate company of UAE.

4i apps has proven its expertise in implementing Salesforce CRM to the leading real estate company of UAE.


The successful implementation of Salesforce CRM empowered the real estate company to achieve higher conversions, improved customer engagement, and better insights into their target audience, positioning them for continued growth in the competitive real estate market.


A Dubai-based real estate investment and development company, renowned for its iconic projects and over a billion-dollar annual turnover, sought to revolutionize its marketing strategies. To address their challenges and optimize marketing operations, the company partnered with 4i apps solutions for a comprehensive Salesforce CRM implementation.

Solution Provided:

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Enabled efficient marketing activities and streamlined lead management.

Lead Capture Integration: Integrated landing pages, websites, emails, and social media to facilitate seamless lead capturing.

Self-Service Portal: Created a user-friendly portal for CRM users, ensuring easy navigation and access.

CTI Integration: Integrated Avaya Call Center for enhanced call management and tracking.

SMS Gateway Integration: Enabled personalized and branded messaging through SMS 360 integration.

Key Benefits:

Increased Lead Capture to Closure Rate: Streamlined lead management led to higher conversion rates.

Efficient Marketing Campaigns: The ability to assign and track marketing campaigns improved campaign management and performance.

Seamless CTI Integration: CTI integration enhanced call center productivity and control with advanced call control functionality.

Unified Customer Dashboard: The unified dashboard provided easy access to customer information, enhancing overall efficiency.

Personalized Customer Interaction: SMS integration allowed for personalized and consistent messaging, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The successful implementation of Salesforce CRM empowered the real estate company to elevate its marketing efforts, achieve higher lead conversions, and gain valuable insights into their target audience. With these advantages, the company is poised for continued growth and success in the competitive real estate market.