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Oracle Digital Assistant Chatbots Say, Hello to AI

In the modern world, chatting became quick way of communication and People are habituated to interact via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat using mobile phones/tabs. Millennial Generation cannot fathom how the world was before a decade, technology has evolved in recent years and many systems including ERP and Operation System still lacks the trend.

Oracle Digital Assistant’s Chatbot is based on AI platform to communicate virtually and execute tasks.

Interacting with fullest of application is difficult like screen, menus, additional workflows, wherein interacting with direct AI, is like we directly communicating with one-one like a chat. A virtual assistant or digital assistant computer-generated character that stimulates a conversation to deliver voice or text-based information to the user via web, kiosk or mobile interface.

Why Oracle chatbot is a Pro

Irrefutably Artificial Intelligence  changing everything, searching something in internet, shopping some stuffs from retail or even driving a car. AI will interact and change it to a simplified way.

Oracle’s new generation age, Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) applies AI with profound parsing for natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and custom machine learning (ML) algorithms. This combination allows Oracle Digital Assistant to understand a customer’s natural conversation proactively and act on behalf of the user.

Oracle Digital Assistant can be deployed to popular conversational interfaces, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp and across voice interfaces like Siri and Alexa ,Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Home Pod.

Zero-code tool that allows enterprise to build conversation between one to many.

If our customers want to reach us with multiple enquires, where every single person need instant and quick response. It is a great problem for the organization, but how can we scale our operation with customers. ODA chat bot will handle it in personalized manner even it will support like Siri and Alexa (voice/texting conversations).

Collaboration Architecture of Chatbots

Basically, Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) supports to develop the individual chatbots, there are certain key components which enables healthier exchanges.

Digital assistants: Act as an interactive middle-layer between bots and human with artificial intelligent

Chatbots: Which will engage with the user to complete a task, use natural language processing(NLP) to resolve user intent and extract information from the message sent through conversational channels.

Channel or Sub Projects: Channels are (bind) collected information of an individual chatbot to group services.

Storage: Chatbot programmers and administrators can add pre-built skill chatbots to their digital assistants, including SaaS service skill chatbots for ERP, CX and HCM.

Experience the reality

Let us consider a real-time example, what if a  financial advisory would like to interact with AI to get the tax reporting.

  • Starting a conversation with saying HI, Bots breathes back a list of questions to the user.
  • Since she is a Finance advisor, which she will be selecting option #1. Bots reply back with asking username, year, email Id, phone number, account number respectively (which is embedded with bots’ questions).

  • Now the details will be captured by bot and sent back to service cloud agent, service cloud agent will forward the respective details to anna888 as shown below
  • In The same way if a user wants to apply for bank card, statement, retail selling can be directly interacting with bots.

Oracle Digital Assistant Licensing & Pricing

  • Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud Service (Standalone Product)
    • Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud Service allow to compact with standalone product, start from $0.0232 Unit Price(Request) with least consumption rate of 250 requests per hour for each account.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for Oracle SaaS
    • Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for Oracle SaaS -Minimum of 500 Hosted Named User monthly subscription of $6.00.

Oracle Digital Assistant Next Generation Chatbot Text AI and AI-Voice

Source: Oracle

Experience with 4i

Implementing Chatbots not only reduce Call volumes handled by agents, but it will also reduce customer wait times on call or chat, with 24x7x365. Customer support.

If you already have products and services in the Oracle cloud and making use of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, then 4i apps will assist your enterprise to interact AI with human and Oracle Digital Assistant would be your technology of choice.

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About the Author

Shagul Hameed H is a Technical Lead at 4i Apps (Oman region), who mainly focus on implementing & supporting Cloud-ERP customers. He is Passionate towards learning advanced technology.


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