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Do you want to connect with your global customers across platforms? Wish to increase your ROI through re-engineering your customer service? Take a quick tour at our Oracle Service Cloud blog post

Do you want to connect with your global customers across platforms? Wish to increase your ROI through re-engineering your customer service? Do you want to provide a flexible customer service and increase customer satisfaction?

With Oracle service cloud we can create great customer experience through multiple technologies and provide modern ways to serve your customers. Oracle service cloud suite has capabilities that allow organizations to connect with their customers. Oracle offers a robust, highly secured, scalable and upgradable service cloud. Oracle continues to give commitment on high availability of Oracle public cloud and designed a platform with high resiliency.

IT consulting firm Gartner has named Oracle a leader in cloud market research report Magic Quadrant 2017. Oracle service cloud is a part of Oracle CX cloud (Customer Experience Solutions).

Key Features

  • Web based customer service
  • Cross channel contact center
  • Knowledge management
  • Policy automation
  • Field service management
  • Service cloud platform
  • Personalized service
  • Smart engagement through web, email, mobile, social and display

Key Capabilities

  • Connect Engagements – Be consistent as engagements move across channels
  • Understand Needs – Infuse actionable insight for greater customer value
  • Solve Problems – Deliver the right answers at the right time, every time.
  • Delight Customers – Provide reliable, adaptive experiences everywhere

Be connected, engaging and personal with your customers

Smart Engagements

  • Web – Personalize every customer experience by reading Digital body language. Capture and track behaviors while personalizing the experience.
  • Email – Rely on a proven enterprise marketing platform. Power increased revenue and higher customer engagement.
  • Mobile – Engage your on-the-go customers wherever they are. Deliver your content and notifications in context.
  • Social – Start turning likes and tweets into advocacy and revenue. Connect social interactions data into campaigns and analytics.
  • Display – Give display ads personal relevance for increased engagement. Transform display from transactions to relationships.

Personalized Service

  • Virtual Assistant – Guide your customers to the right answers in natural language conversations with a virtual assistant
  • Proactive chat – Augment self-service with live-agent assistance
  • Guided Interactions – Provide customers with a step-by-step guided path to resolution
  • Co-Browse – Enable agents to view a customer’s screen and assist in tasks such as e-commerce check-out or walking a customer through a process.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is a vital part of your everyday business, from providing customers quick access to relevant content, to empowering your contact center agents with the information needed to quickly resolve customer issues. Today’s customers are most likely to look for answers online, and as a result, knowledge often becomes the first point of engagement with your customers.

Oracle knowledge management provides a modern knowledge solution, enabling you to put knowledge wherever your customers need it most – across channels, on mobile devices and even in games and applications.


1.) Do you want to know how a multinational retailer satisfied their customers throughout the globe using Oracle service cloud?

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world with 1462 hypermarkets.

Challenges Faced

  • Reach a customer service quality of resolving 95% of 6.5 million customer contact requests per year
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling them to communicate with customer service agents using traditional and digital channels
  • Efficiently merge all customer interactions traditional as well as digital into a single platform

Solutions by Oracle Service Cloud

  • Carrefour increased customer satisfaction by 4%, enhancing company’s overall image
  • Resolved 95% of all customer requests in all contact centers
  • Increased agent’s productivity by 20% with solving 4.2 cases per hour whereas 3.5 was benchmark
  • Enabling a smooth interaction with customers by providing agents 360* customer visibility with previous interactions displayed on a single screen
  • Deployed a complete and easy-to-use contact center solution capable of mapping all customers service requirements end-to-end without imposing technical restrictions.

2.) A telecom giant uses Oracle service cloud to provide flexible and mature solutions to their customers

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication company Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries

Challenges faced

  • To provide a decent level service to their customers
  • As Vodafone has various products & services, they want to provide service across all their products and services

Solutions by Oracle Service Cloud

  • Main purpose was to deal with customer incidents, but Oracle service cloud has provided a wide range of 92 services to Vodafone
  • Services includes – Email incidents, phone calls, content published through web, mobile incidents, and full IOT
  • It provided a bridge between the existing systems and the new systems & processes

3.) Want to know how a technology company re-engineered their customer service and support operations using Oracle service?

Crestron is a technology company that provides automation and control solutions for buildings and homes that let people control entire environments with the push of a button.

Challenges faced

  • To have a single, global service platform to integrate customers, dealers and system integrators.
  • Deploying their knowledge base to help customers search for solutions by themselves.

Solutions by Oracle Service Cloud

  • Crestron now able to share its entire knowledge with each of its call center agents and field service engineers around the world
  • 40% less call-handling time using Oracle Service cloud
  • 300 internal users and 90,000 customers now access Crestron’s knowledge base
  • 300% more business than in the past 13 years

Link for case studies –

4.) 4i Apps solutions has successfully started implementing Oracle service cloud for a real estate company in UAE

Expected Benefits

  • Included virtual assistants in all their contact centers to provide service 24/7
  • Created knowledge base to pool all resource and content
  • Monitor and react to feedback across all social media platforms
  • Provided custom dashboards and reports with the help of Oracle analytics cloud service

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