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Developing and maintaining low code JSON centric application is easier using Oracle Autonomous JSON Database over other NoSQL Database like Mongo DB

Multiple applications / Databases are being used to manage the organization’s business process and the same needs to be integrated.  The organization may use both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Oracle is the leading Database vendor with SQL Relational Database, that has introduced Oracle Autonomous Database to create a Unified Database Management System

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a Cloud Document Database Service that makes it simplified the development of JSON-centric applications. It features simple document APIs, serverless scaling, high-performance ACID transactions, comprehensive security, and low pay-per-use pricing.

Autonomous JSON Database automates the following:

  • Provisioning
  • Configuring
  • Tuning
  • Scaling
  • Patching
  • Encrypting
  • Repairing of Databases
  • Eliminating Database Management
  • Delivering 99.99% Availability

Industries that can make use of Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Why Oracle Autonomous JSON Database?

Simple Development Experience

The Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a document-based edition of the Oracle Database that stores data natively as JSON documents and collections

With “No” or less code (98% less), enable developers to create JSON-centric applications in a shorter time.  It also has the flexibility of REST API, CLI, and Web Interfaces access, and supports JSON file sizes of 32MB, twice the size of MongoDB.

Though it is a nonSQL database, it enables developers to analyze the JSON data with Oracle SQL, Cross collection queries, and advanced analytical functions.

Source: Oracle

Autonomous Operations and 99.995% Availability

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database Cloud Services is built over Oracle Autonomous Database foundation.  This service provisions new databases in minutes (auto-provisioning), scales up and down without any downtime (auto-scaling),  patches databases online, takes automatic backups with point-in-time recovery, provides disaster-recovery capabilities using Autonomous Data Guard, and has advanced security features. It aims to have zero administration so that developers can spend more time on their applications when compared to setting up and managing a database.

High-Performance ACID Transaction

ACID transactions and read consistency on multi-document transactions ensure consistency without degrading performance.  A new native binary JSON format increases performance with fast linear scans and partial updates while offering 2x the document size as compared to MongoDB.

Comprehensive Data Protection and Security

It has the provision for customers to create and own encryption keys to protect the entire database at-rest and in-motion data.  Also using Oracle Data Safe, it is easy to discover and mask sensitive data, evaluate security risks, and implement and monitor security controls.

Low Pay-Per-Use Pricing

Autonomous JSON Database is surprisingly low-cost.  Due to automated 3x scaling of compute resources without downtime, creates pay-per-use pricing model.  Also, it reduces customer costs by 30% compared to MongoDB Atlas service for the same memory, CPU, and storage.

Use Cases

Use cases are everywhere, any organization can develop JSON-centric applications to manage its operations.  Below are few examples listed:

Handheld Devices can be used to track customer Orders and Delivery Information, which can transfer data in JSON format to the backend applications.

Mobile Applications in Mobile phones can send and receive JSON data which can be stored and analyzed.

IoT Devices with Smart Meters on any Automobiles, Home Appliances can send and receive JSON data for any service remainders, faulty components.

Hardware Manufacturers can send diagnostic information to analyze & identify any faulty components.


It is recommended that large organizations running critical processes can evaluate Unified Database Management System as the strategic base for the development of future real-time multi-database autonomous applications.  Autonomous JSON Database Cloud Services can fit in for the development & integrations of such real-time multi-database autonomous applications.




Navu Kabirdoss, Delivery Manager with 20+ years of experience in Oracle ERP. Robust skillsets in designing and developing client-oriented applications and solutions for end-to-end automation.

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